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Children Photos First Year Plans Starting at $399

The first year of a newborn babies life is full of so much joy and laughter for parents.  It is an exciting time full of big changes and amazing growth as a family.  Start your children photos from day one, you will have the camera out, hoping to document every single moment of your precious baby’s life.  From baby’s first car ride to the first bite of food; your camera (or phone camera) will become a permanent fixture in the day to day.

​Before your baby is born capture the miracle.​  We recommend you have these photos done when you are about 8 months along.


In a single moment, your life became infinitely full and joyous.  A newborn baby is a wonder to behold, and we want to capture your baby in this moment.  We recommend newborn photos be taken within the first 10 days of birth if possible.  Your baby will be sleeping most of the time and are not easily bothered by different poses.

4 Month Milestone

At 4 months, your baby will be making fun expressions along with strengthening their neck muscles.  This is a perfect time to capture all the new faces they will surely be making along with detail shots of their tiny toes and fingers.  This stage is great for our 9 image package that includes 9 detailed images that show off your baby’s cutest features.

8 Month Milestone

At 8 months, your baby will be very playful and working to sit up on their own.  This is a new (and more vertical) adventure that is best captured on photos that show this change.  We like to highlight this time of growth and adventure

One Year Milestone

You made it a year and it is time to party!  Celebrate your baby’s first year with a photo shoot of their first birthday.  It’s so fun for you and your baby to have a cake smash party, and we will be there to capture their joy and excitement.  This is also a fantastic time to include a full family portrait.

Perfect Portraits In 7 Steps


Making a dream a reality. 

First we’ll get together to plan your session. This plan will include your session location(s), props, outfits/style and to go over all the products we have available and what you may want.  If you would like professional make up applied we will handle that too.  Planning is the best and the easiest way to avoid less than great portraits. You will leave our studio knowing where you’re going, what you’re wearing, and that we will be telling your story.

Photo Session

The session has been planned so you won’t feel awkward, unprepared, or nervous during the photo shoot. We know you’ll actually enjoy the experience; our clients have fun on their sessions! Our team has done this a thousand times. You won’t even realize we will be guiding you to get completely natural moments and you will love the way you look.

Retouching & Attention to detail

All portraits are professionally edited so they look perfect before they go on our unique photo app.  This is an important step along the way. Don’t be tricked by studios that don’t edit their photos before they are presented.  Images look great but no “plastic” Seeing your edited photos shows you a more accurate depiction of the final photo.  This is critical when it comes to the next step and removes the guess work…

A perfect album on your cell phone

We give every client a phone app with your photographs.  It even lets you pick your favorites before you order.  Your album can be shared with anyone that has a smart phone, tablet, or desktop AND you can share it to facebook and other social media.


After the photo shoot we will meet and go through the photos you want for your order.

We will talk through where to best to display your portraits in your home and help you pick the best size and style of wall art for your space.  We understand that buying and arranging portraits isn’t something you do often and it may even feel a little intimidating.

The good news is that we do this every day and we would love to answer any of your questions and share with you what we’ve learned over the years. We would also love to show you all of the other various products that enhance your order like albums, cards, prints, etc. You’ll love when you see what we can create. 

We also give a 10% discount for all orders placed within a week of your session.

Professional printing.

We send your photos to our lab that specializes in professional printing. Your prints will last forever and are guaranteed to be individually hand printed and quality checked.  These prints reflect the beautiful parts of your life and our goal is for you to leave our studio with a high-quality, finished product

Special Delivery!

We would like you to come to the studio to pick up your portraits… but.. we can have your portraits shipped directly to you if you don’t live in the area. 

We promise that you’ll be just as excited about your portraits the day you pick them up as you will be many years later, after countless compliments from your friends and family.

Rest assured you will be thrilled with your order.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are 100% happy with your photos, forever.   

Shout Outs

She Had A Blast

“My Daughter Maddi Williams is a Just Kids Model for Tucker Studio. She had a blast with all of the different backgrounds and poses. The studio is clean, spacious and a relaxed environment. Bill is patient with kids and very accommodating to requests. One of our favorite photos is of my daughter in her ballet shoes. Bill was able to put an amazing background behind her and it is stunning! All of the photos turned out great, and it was a neat experience for Maddi. Having the photos accessible on our cellular phones is fun and makes it easy to show off the photos to family and friends. We would definitely recommend Tucker Studios to anyone. Kari Bell”

Kari Bell

I was Totally Impressed

“I really enjoyed working with Tucker Studios. Bill Tucker was very kind, and the pictures were fantastic. I really enjoy being a class model and getting to come in and take different pictures throughout the year. Brooklyn O’brien, Bridgman 2016”

Brooklyn O’brien

I Wanted A Professional

“Even though I enjoy taking pictures and take a lot of family shots, I wanted a professional to take my son Benjamin’s senior pictures. I have known Bill for years and he had taken my older son’s pictures with great success. Once again I was very happy with the way the pictures turned out. Thanks Bill for taking such great pictures for us to remember this special time Michelle Agay”

Michelle Agay